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Fiona Brennan Solicitor Legal Aid

Everyone is entitled to apply for legal aid under Irish law. There factors taken into account in deciding whether an applicant qualifies for legal aid include income and earnings, and also the nature of the offence alleged. Many people are not aware that they may qualify for legal aid because both your income and outgoings are taken into account.

How to apply for legal aid

In order to apply for legal aid you must complete a standard form known as a “statement of means”. This form is reasonably straight forward and your solicitor will be able to assist with the various questions on the form and the information required.

The completed form will be handed into court by your solicitor on the date of your first appearance. The Judge will determine whether you qualify for legal aid. If legal aid is granted it continues throughout your case until it is finalised.

Legal aid is available for many parts of the Irish criminal justice process, including garda station attendence and court representation.

Any person charged with a criminal offence including juveniles are entitled to apply for legal aid and in the case of people under the age of 21 additional information is required on the form. Again your solicitor will be able to assist you in this regard.

Fee paying clients

If your application for legal aid is not successful your solicitor will discuss fees with you and methods of payment where appropriate. At our firm we are anxious to accommodate and assist our clients and are fully aware of the unexpected financial burden that can be involved when you come in contact with the Irish criminal justice system. Our primary concern is your legal representation and we will do whatever we can to assist you with regard to fees.

Fiona Brennan Solicitor does not differentiate between legal aid and non-legal aid clients. The legal issues are the same in all cases and the standard of our representation on your behalf will not vary in accordance with your means.

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