Fiona Brennan Solicitor – 25 years experience in criminal defence

Your Best Defence

I have dedicated 25 years to defending those who are most vulnerable and most in need of defence in criminal matters. My ethos is to understand the circumstances of each individual and to present the best possible defence as their representative in court.

I will personally assist with legal aid applications and with all aspects of criminal cases including attending garda stations, preparation of the case for the defence and court appearances.

Get in Touch

If you would like to have a confidential discussion about your legal query or requirements you can contact me directly on 087 0929404 (mobile) or 01 6978509 (office). Alternatively you can contact me by email.

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Practice Areas

The 3 steps to your defence

1. Get Confidential Advice

Contact us for confidential advice on your legal issue. We offer a no-commitment first consultation by phone to advise you on your requirements.

2. Preparation

We review the documentation and information relating to your case to formulate the best defence. We can also assist you in preparing your application for legal aid.

3. Your Court Appearance

We appear on your behalf with you in court, and will advise and assist you throughout the entire court process so you will know exactly what is to happen on each court date.